What is Pre-natal yoga?

Prenatal yoga is movement and breath work specifically designed to support a woman through pregnancy and labour. This style of yoga combines gentle movement with mindfulness techniques in order to help students connect with their baby and develop a connection with their bodies inner wisdom.


what type of counselling should I do?

The best way to navigate the field of counselling is to meet with a counsellor and discuss your individual goals and needs. There are many philosophies and theories of counselling, Simone believes that the individual knows themselves best and would be best to make informed decisions regarding their own health.


do you teach in groups?

Yes, there are Caregiver and Child yoga classes, hatha classes and prenatal classes that Simone teaches in Torontoa and the GTA. Please see the ‘Classes’ tab for upcoming classes in your area. If you would like Simone to teach a group class for you, please send an email to coordinate.


what is family yoga?

Family yoga is a custom designed yoga practice for anyone of any age or ability. Movement and breath work to help an individual reach their health goals for both the body and mind.



can you come to my home?

Yes! Yoga practice and counselling are best done in the safety and comfort of the individuals own space. It is also best for establishing a regular practice and lifestyle change as the work is already being done in the home.




do you do post-natal yoga?

Caregiver and Child yoga classes are taught in the community to help encourage the bond between caregiver and child while also stretching and strengthening the body. Post natal classes can also be taught as a private session in the home with new mothers with a greater focus on postpartum health.