“Whatever one does must emerge from an attitude of love and benefiting others."jetsun milarepa



Simone is a professional mental health & addictions counsellor & qualified yoga teacher whose helping philosophy follows the medicine wheel model -- incorporating aspects of mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health into the lifestyle in a way that can be accessible to all ages and abilities. She also provides a body positive and LBGTQ friendly space to support growth, balance and self-empowerment. Her services are ideal for parents who are struggling to find balance in the home or those who are looking for support and space for self-care. 



Simone is everything you would want in a yoga teacher and more! It’s hard to fit in a yoga practice with an active baby, but Simone beautifully incorporated my son into the classes and has such a knack for creating a calming environment amidst chaos. A class with her feels like hanging out with a friend...with the added bonus that you somehow feel both stronger and more relaxed afterwards!
- Natalie C
Simone’s baby and caregiver class is one of the highlights of my week. I leave feeling tall, strong, refreshed, and centred. I especially appreciate Simone’s hands-on approach with both myself (warm lavender scented touches!) and my baby so that mama can relish her practice.
Thank you Simone! This woman is a gem.
- Rebecca. R
Simone’s yoga classes kept me injury free and able to keep working hard every day at my job of demanding physical labour — having her class as part of my weekly routine made every difference in my quality of work experience.” Hanna N.